Summer Reading Program 2024:

Read, Renew, Repeat!

June 2nd - July 26th

Youth 0-18 years

Summer Reading is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Register for the Summer Reading Progam at the Nevada Public Library. This year's program will be entirely on paper so you must sign up in person. All participants will receive a packet with their logs and get to choose a book to keep!

Registration begins after Memorial Day.

This year's program is split into two age groups, Kids (0-upcoming 5th graders) and Teens (upcoming 6th-12th graders).

Kids will fill in a bubble for every 15 minutes they read, up to 2 hours each week.

Teens will fill in a bubble for every 30 minutes they read, up to 4 hours each week.

Kids will be reading for coupons to local businesses. They have to opportunity to earn 8 coupons thorughout June and July! Some of the coupons include a Nevada Pool pass, a Bricktown donut, and an ice cream cone from Starbucks.

Teens have the opportunity to earn scratch off tickets this year. If they win, they can choose one item from the treasure chest. If they lose, they can be entered into one of 5 raffles. Scratch-offs can be earned by:
1) Completeing their weekly reading.
2) Attending library programs.
3) Checking out an item at the library.

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