Volunteer Policy

Responsibilities and expectations concerning volunteers of the Nevada Public Library

Nevada Public Library
January 11, 2016

Volunteers are unpaid workers giving their time and talents to assist the Nevada Public Library staff. Volunteers may work with short-term projects and programs or may give continuing service over an extended period of time.

• New volunteers must complete an application form and participate in an interview with the director and/or designated volunteer coordinator.

• Placement or retention of a volunteer is at the discretion of the director.

• Volunteer work will be managed by the director and volunteer coordinator. The volunteer coordinator’s responsibilities are recruitment, training, scheduling, evaluation, and appropriate recognition of all volunteers.

• Volunteers in the Youth Department may be recruited and managed by the children’s librarian.

Working at the Library:

• Volunteers will not replace paid staff positions

• Attempts will be made to assign volunteers meaningful work that makes use of their talents, expertise, training, and interests. Volunteers will be given orientation and task descriptions for the jobs assigned.

• Volunteers will work under the supervision of paid library staff.

• Volunteers will follow the policies and procedures of the library

• All library related business or program participant information overheard or entrusted to a volunteer is confidential.

• A work schedule is expected as an aid to the director and/or the volunteer coordinator as well as the volunteer.



Nevada Public Library
January 11, 2016

The Trustees of the Nevada Public Library approve of the use of offenders who need to perform court or school ordered community service. They must abide by the following guidelines.

• The volunteer will apply in person at the Nevada Library.

• The director or designated volunteer coordinator will interview the applicant and contact the applicant’s probation officer and other references as deemed appropriate.

• The director or volunteer coordinator must be informed of the nature of the offense and the name and contact information of the probation officer or school contact. Applications from a person whose offense involves theft, assault or sexual misconduct will not be accepted.

• Placement or retention of a volunteer in the Library is at the discretion of the director.

• The library director or volunteer coordinator will assign and schedule tasks under the same policies that apply to any library volunteer.

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