Display Policy

Guidelines for using library display areas.

Displays of promotional posters, brochures and items will be allowed as appropriate only by nonprofit organizations (or individuals as long as they promote the library’s mission.)  Displays advocating a specific individual or issue will not be allowed.  The Nevada Public Library shall be held harmless from liability in the event of damage or loss to materials being displayed regardless of the circumstances. Requests for such displays should come to the library director or designee and will be considered on a first-come basis. Permission to display items in the library does not imply the Nevada Public Library’s endorsement.

1.    Bulletin boards: The bulletin board in the library is available for the display of posters, fliers and promotional materials of nonprofit organizations.  Any materials that groups want to display should be submitted to staff at the main desk with final approval given by the library director or designee.  Materials are posted only as time and space permit.
a.    Items will remain posted until the event has occurred or for a maximum of 30 days as space allows.
b.    Materials will not be returned.
c.    Some materials may not be posted: items for sale, advertisements for lessons or services, campaign flyers/signs, or petitions.

2.    Brochures: Nonprofit community groups may submit multiple copies of brochures or fliers for distribution from the library’s brochure area.  These materials should be given to staff at the circulation desk with final approval given by the library director or designee.  Brochures will be restocked only as time and space permit.

3.    Waiver of Liability: Groups and individuals displaying items in the library as listed below which they want returned must complete the Nevada Public Library Display and Exhibit Waiver of Liability.

4.    Display case: The glass display case and portable display units are important elements of the library’s information, outreach and public relations programs. The display case is closely identified by the public as a library promotion area.

a.    Therefore, permission to use the case will be granted to nonprofit community organizations if such use will further the library’s program or mission.
b.    Requests for use of the case should be made to the library director or designee.
c.    The library’s own needs for display space take precedence in every instance. Otherwise, requests will be considered on a first-come basis.
d.    The requesting organization is entirely responsible for the timely set-up and takedown of any display.
e.     Community organizations shall abide by any specific instructions or requests the library shall make regarding the layout or content of the display.
f.    Organization must complete the “Waiver of Liability” form.

5.    Display of local art: Local art may be displayed at the discretion of the library director or designee. Displayed art will not be considered for sale. This may be in non-secure areas. See “Waiver of Liability.”

6.    Book display: Nonprofit community organizations occasionally request that a book display be created by the library in conjunction with posters, fliers, or brochures supplied by the organization.  The library may agree to cooperate in such a project as time, staff availability, and materials permit. Organizations will have to sign the “Waiver of Liability” for any items they want returned.

Display Policy
Nevada Public Library
Revised 09/17/2018

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