Study Room Policy

Policy for using the library's study rooms

The Nevada Public Library provides four study rooms for public use. These study rooms are available for groups or individuals. There are two study rooms meant for up to 4 people and two rooms for up to 6 people.

1. Who:

a. Individuals must be 5th grade or older to sign up for the study rooms.
b. Commercial and for profit organizations may use the rooms as long as they are not using the rooms to conduct their business.
c. Local individuals must have a valid Nevada Public Library card.
d. Individuals from out of town may use the study rooms. They must fill out a form with their name, address and phone number.
e. There is no study room charge.

2. Reservations:

a. One of the 4 person rooms will be available on a first come first serve basis. The rest may be reserved in advance.
b. Rooms may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.
c. Rooms may be reserved for up to two hours per day.
d. Rooms will be held no longer than 15 minutes past the time reserved.

3. Conduct and Responsibility:

a. All library policies will be in effect in the study rooms including the conduct policy.
b. No food is allowed in the study rooms.
c. Liquids (nonalcoholic only) must be in closable containers.
d. Rooms are to be left in the same condition as they were found.
e. No materials may be pinned, taped or otherwise affixed to the wall, tables, doors, floors, furniture or windows.
f. The reserving individual is responsible for reimbursement of any costs incurred if the room is damaged or has to be returned to its original condition.
g. Possessions left in the study room will be considered lost and will be placed in the lost and found.
h. Library is not responsible for any personal items in the study rooms.
i. The library will not store items for individuals or groups.
j. There is no guarantee of quiet.
k. Staff has discretionary authority to remove users from study rooms should behavior be inconsistent with the room’s purpose and /or is disruptive to others.

4. Security:

a. Study rooms will be locked when not in use.
b. Local individuals using the rooms will check out the appropriate key and return it when the session is over.
c. Individual who checked out the key is responsible for the cost of replacing the lost key.
d. Responsible individuals that are under 18 years of age will list all individuals who will be in the study room and let the staff know of any changes.
e. Individuals from out of town will fill out the form and show ID.

5. Hours Available:

a. Study rooms are available during regular library open hours.
b. Study rooms will be vacated no later than 15 minutes before the library closes.

6. Amenities:

a. Tables and chairs are provided in the study rooms.
b. Electrical outlets and Wifi are available in each study room.

7. Library staff have discretion and are the final arbiters in the use of the study rooms.

Study Room Reservation Form

Study Room # ________________

Date __________________________ Time of Use ___________________

Name _____________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone/Phone Number __________________________________________________

Staff ___________________________ Checked ID Yes_______ No________


Approved by Board of Trustees October 17, 2016

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