Meeting Room Policy

Policy for using the library's meeting room

When not in use for library-sponsored activities, the Nevada Public Library welcomes public use of the Library’s meeting room. Use of the meeting room does not constitute library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by participants in the program.

Hours Available:
Daily 6:00am – 11:00pm

After Hours

Meetings held before or after regular Library hours include the following additional stipulations:

  • Person responsible for the reservation may pick up key no earlier than 2 days prior to the scheduled event.
  • A key deposit of $10 must be made at the time the key is picked up.
  • The $10 key deposit will be returned when the key is returned (i.e. placed in one of the library drop boxes or returned to staff during Library open hours).

Types of Meetings

  • Use is restricted to a single meeting or a brief series of meetings.
  • To encourage equitable and diverse use of the Meeting Room, regularly scheduled meetings may be granted at the discretion of the Library director or designee.
  • All meetings held at the Library must be free of charge. Normal collection of dues or memberships during meetings will be permitted. Direct selling or soliciting is not allowed. 
  • Individuals reserving the room may cancel the reservation at any time.
  • The library reserves the right to cancel or relocate a meeting if circumstances warrant. 


  • Reservation requests are accepted on a first come basis.
  • Requests can be made in person, by email, or by phone.
  • Requests can be made up to 12 months in advance.


  • There is no meeting room fee for nonprofit and organized community groups.
  • All others will be pay a $10 fee per hour payable at the time the reservation is made, unless other arrangements have been made.
  • Users making reservations by phone or email will be granted up to 3 days to pay their fees before the reservation may be cancelled.
  • Groups may be charged for labor and materials to cover the cost of damages or if extraordinary clean-up is necessary after use.
  • Fees may be forfeited if the group does not show up for a scheduled event.
  • Fees will be refunded for cancellations made prior to the scheduled event. 

Setup and Use

  • The user is responsible for set-up and cleanup.
  • User is responsible for securing the building if it is outside of regular library hours.
  • Library furnishings may not be removed from the meeting room without approval from library staff.
  • The room is equipped with 24 rectangular tables 30” by 60” and 100 chairs.
  • Restroom access is available.
  • No hazardous materials, such as candles, are permitted.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or excessive noise is not permitted on library premises.
  • Nothing may be hung or attached to walls, doors, ceiling or windows.
  • No group shall use the library as its mailing address.


  • A limited kitchenette consisting of a sink, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, and counter with outlets is available for serving refreshments.
  • Groups must provide coffee, dishes, tea towels, utensils, and/or other kitchen equipment as needed.
  • No liquids that could stain the carpet are allowed, such as those containing red or orange dye.
  • Food is not allowed in the main part of the library.


  • Availability of equipment must be confirmed when making reservation.
    • DVD player
    • Overhead projector 
    • Lectern
    • Wireless Internet Access
    • Ceiling mounted projector
    • Ceiling mounted screen
    • Connections for laptops

Suspension of Use
Extreme or continued violation of these policies, or any other library policy, may result in the suspension and/or cancellation of user’s Meeting Room privileges at any time. Such decisions will be at the discretion of the Library Director or designee.

In consideration of the Library’s granting permission to use the facility, the users promise, covenant, and agree to hold the Nevada Public Library and the City of Nevada, its officers and employees harmless, and to indemnify them against any claims of loss of property or personal injuries resulting from or arising out of the activities to be held and conducted by the users on the premises.


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