Volunteer Opportunities

Want to join the growing number of library volunteers? There are a variety of ways you can contribute. Volunteers help with special events, provide clerical help, and do a variety of miscellaneous jobs on an as needed basis.


  • YOU can be a volunteer by contacting one of the library staff. 
  • Some of the volunteer opportunities may be performed from your home, others from within the library.
  • Here is a list of possible volunteer activities:

    - shelve books
    - prepare craft items for children's programs
    - assist with inventory of materials
    - deliver books to home bound individuals
    - develop genealogy resources (cut, glue and file obituaries)
    - decorate the library seasonally
    - clean library shelves
    - "read" shelves
    - miscellaneous filing
    - provide snacks for children's programs 
    - lead a craft project or a special program (i.e. Wednesday, Summer Specials)
    - landscaping tasks—weeding, etc.
    - seasonal cleaning